Hassan is 56 years old and has type 2 diabetes. He is a
bus driver and travels between Lebanon and Syria.

Patient profile

Hassan has type 2 diabetes

As a bus driver, Hassan Alubeid travels from Syria to Lebanon about four times a month. Because of the war in Syria, the vehicle he drives – which belongs to his nephew – is registered in a Lebanon-Syria border database, and he is allowed to stay in Lebanon for up to 72 hours at a time.

Bouts of dizziness, fatigue, frequent urination and numb hands make Hassan’s job as a driver more difficult. These symptoms prompted Hassan to seek medical help a year ago. His doctor in Syria diagnosed him with type 2 diabetes and prescribed medication to help him manage his condition. His doctor also explained why a healthy lifestyle is so important for people living with diabetes.

Hassan, who is a heavy smoker, understands that if he wants to reduce his symptoms and potential diabetes-related complications, he needs to take care of himself. As part of his diabetes management regime, Hassan walks for exercise; however, if he exerts himself too much, he experiences chest pain and has, in the past, collapsed. While Hassan tries to follow a healthy diet, he admits that he eats sweets (although he knows he shouldn’t) and doesn’t restrict himself if a delicious meal is placed in front of him.

Although he spends a fair amount of time in Lebanon each month, Hassan prefers to visit his doctor in Syria as he charges 10 US dollars for a consultation compared to the 100 dollars charged in Lebanon. Hassan’s family – his two wives and two sons – are aware of his condition and give him support if he needs it. He prefers not to think too much about his condition, as he believes the stress will end up killing him.

“If I think or get worried, the
diabetes will kill me.”


Name: Hassan Alubeid

Age at time of interview: 56 years old (April 2019)

Location: Nabaa, Lebanon

Country of origin: Syria

Year of leaving country of origin: 2014

Type of diabetes: Type 2 diabetes

Year of diagnosis: 2018

Diabetes-related complications: None mentioned

Occupation: Bus driver